Yang Ming joins mizzenit.com platform

Sydney, Australia, 1 March 2019 - Mizzen Group, the leading platform for shipping lines to manage dynamic spot container rates and distribute directly to their customers through Mizzenit.com and other channels, is pleased to announce that Yang Ming has joined the exchange. 

Yang Ming is a major Taiwanese shipping line and is the 8th largest carrier by global shipping capacity. Yang Ming has become the 11th leading shipping line to join Mizzenit.com and is one of eight lines providing live pricing for instant quoting. Mizzen Group works with partner shipping lines and is a leading dynamic containerised freight price distribution platform giving freight forwarders direct access to real-time prices and booking services.

Yang Ming Australia's General Manager, Brett Watson said “Innovation needs to be part of our Industry’s culture. Mizzen offers that innovation and through this extends Yang Ming’s opportunity to reach new customers whilst offering our existing customers a new way to utilise our services. The value-add Mizzen brings, both externally to our client base and internally through actionable data insights, is very impressive.”

Mizzen Group’s Managing Director, Jon Charles said “we are looking forward to working with Yang Ming, and bringing a new digital capability and way of serving their customers whilst providing insights to their business to bring better outcomes through the digital channel.” 

Jon added “our software is designed to enhance a Shipping Lines customer experience and online engagement level and utilise dynamic pricing to achieve better vessel voyage outcomes. We have created a self-service channel for that customer segment who values this capability.”

The JOC’s recent assessment of the top 12 global carriers online quoting capabilities from their home pages showed only two lines can instantly provide a rate quote to their customers, with a further five allowing a rate request to be submitted for later follow up, and the remaining five having no rate request capability.

In contrast the Mizzen Group has enabled eight lines to instantly provide a rate quote to their customers, and all other global lines to receive a rate request and quote their customers via the mizzenit.com platform. 

Jon said “a digital channel can deliver real value to both the carrier and their customer. Not only do we see it within the Mizzen exchange but the carriers leading the way in digitalisation have recently reported that 6% of their volumes are delivered through their digital channel. A digital channel done well is a new business opportunity for the shipping industry. Creating the capability for shipping lines to serve their customers where ever they are online: on their own website; via 3rd party rate delivery platforms like mizzenit.com or the cloud-based enterprise systems their customers use, is not a future concept, but very much a reality today.” 

About Mizzen

Mizzen Group (www.mizzengroup.com) is a carriers digital pricing solution. The Mizzen team combines cutting edge digital capability married with shipping industry understanding. The Company delivers software for shipping lines to set and distribute prices dynamically and in new ways to their customers in the digital channel. This enables shipping lines to deliver new products with a range of value attributes to better serve their customers needs and their own guided by data.


Mizzenit.com is a global business-to-business digital platform for the container shipping industry. The platform allows freight forwarders to find shipping schedules, get live pricing and quotes, and book spot market space direct from shipping lines. For shipping companies, the platform streamlines the sales process, distributes dynamic spot prices, gives data-driven customer insight and provides a new sales channels.

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