Mizzen and Kontainers announce partnership to deliver pricing and instant customer booking solution for global shipping industry

●    New partnership to deliver a fully integrated digital buying and selling service
●    Provides Mizzen with exciting additional channel to global markets
●    Allows Mizzen-Kontainers to provide complete digital solution in burgeoning world markets


Sydney, Australia, 22 May 2019 - Mizzen Group, a provider of dynamic pricing and rates information software to the shipping industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with Kontainers, the leading global customer-facing execution platform provider.

The partnership gives Mizzen an outstanding additional global channel through which it can deploy its ground-breaking software. Mizzen’s proprietary software enables any shipping line or freight forwarder to dynamically set prices and distribute rates through any digital channel.


Kontainers is an enterprise SaaS company with offices in Newcastle, Dublin, New York and Shanghai that offers a suite of own-branded client facing execution platforms for Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines. Kontainers products are deployed with a quarter of the world’s top 20 global ocean freight brands and expect to power more than one million digital transactions by 2020.

The partnership with Mizzen allows Kontainers to add dynamic price setting and rate management and distribution through its network of clients globally.

The new Mizzen-Kontainers partnership has already secured its first Australian customer, Kalgin Global Logistics, which has a major presence across Australasia and the Pacific.

Kalgin Managing Director Richard Lamport said the new partnership allowed the company to take its existing relationship with Mizzen to the next level.

“Digitalisation of significant parts of the customer service side of our industry is inevitable and hugely beneficial” he said.

“From our early work with Mizzen, we have benefited from instant digital rate procurement and, now by combining Kontainers’ Edge product, we are able to provide the benefits of a digital transaction to our customers.
“An integrated Mizzen-Kontainers solution provides us with a world-class website experience and smart rate capabilities to improve our profitability, retain and win new customers.”

Mizzen Group Managing Director Jon Charles said the Kontainers partnership opened up new commercial opportunities and a valuable additional channel to market.

“Our spot rate software is designed to bridge the gap that exists in all rate management solutions used by a freight buyer today” said Mr Charles.

“When there is no contract rate on file for the required port pair, the process breaks down and requires a manual intervention to continue. Mizzen’s solution is able to step in at this point and provide an automated seamless operational workflow to customers.” 

“Mizzen and Kontainers have a shared vision for how digitalisation of our industry will evolve as a modern interconnected software solution stack. Our partnership allows for deeper collaboration with the Kontainers products to incorporate Mizzen smart rate management and dynamic pricing solutions, providing the next generation of simple to use customer-centric freight software.

“This is an exciting new service for our combined customers and a major step forward for Mizzen in deploying our software in global markets.”

Graham Parker, Chief Executive Officer of Kontainers, said the new partnership with Mizzen would deliver to customers a great additional capability on the Kontainers platform.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with the Mizzen Group and again expand our footprint in the Australian market,” said Mr Parker.

“Our aim is to give every freight forwarder on the planet the ability to have their own branded client facing execution capability in a matter of weeks, which is delivered as a competitive SaaS offering. We are delighted to work with another innovative freight brand in Kalgin and are excited to be part of their digital acceleration.”

About Mizzen

Mizzen Group (www.mizzengroup.com) is a carriers digital pricing solution. The Mizzen team combines cutting edge digital capability married with shipping industry understanding. The Company delivers software for shipping lines to set and distribute prices dynamically and in new ways to their customers in the digital channel. This enables shipping lines to deliver new products with a range of value attributes to better serve their customers needs and their own guided by data.


Mizzenit.com is a global business-to-business digital platform for the container shipping industry. The platform allows freight forwarders to find shipping schedules, get live pricing and quotes, and book spot market space direct from shipping lines. For shipping companies, the platform streamlines the sales process, distributes dynamic spot prices, gives data-driven customer insight and provides a new sales channels.

About Kontainers

Kontainers is an enterprise SaaS company with offices in Newcastle, Dublin, New York, and Shanghai. Kontainers provides a suite of own branded client facing execution platforms for all sizes of Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines, delivered in a rapid time frame via  multi-tenant software solutions. Visit www.kontainers.com

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