Former Hamburg Süd executive Peter Creeden joins the Mizzen board

Sydney, Australia, 13 January 2020 - Mizzen Group, a provider of rate management and dynamic pricing software to the container shipping industry, is pleased to announce that Peter Creeden has joined the board.


Mizzen’s Chairman Glenn Butcher said “We are thrilled to announce Peter’s appointment to the board, he has decades of experience in container shipping across three continents which strengthens our company as we prepare for our next growth phase.”

Mr Creeden said “I am thrilled to join Glenn and the team as I firmly believe Mizzen’s technology has the potential to transform rate management for both the shipping lines and freight forwarders and enable true dynamic pricing.”

Mr Creeden brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the supply chain industry, including over 20 years of experience working for world leading container carrier, Hamburg Süd, in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Creeden is Managing Director at MPC International, Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Committee and an Honorary Fellow at Macquarie University working with the Centre for Workforce Futures in the Faculty of Business and Economics. Throughout his career, he has pushed for the development of a more collaborative, effective, and reliable supply chain, driven by technology.

Mr Butcher said “Peter’s Industry knowledge of the complex end-to-end global supply chain and transformative impact that technology can play, complements and builds on our boards capabilities. With his input we’ll enhance the Mizzen solutions to better service the needs of our customers as they embark on their own digital transformations.”


“The shipping industry is going through the early stages of digitalisation - the majority of solutions in the market are centred on bringing efficiencies to the current business process not using the potential of a digital channel and transaction to improve profitability as well as customer experience, that is Mizzens focus” added Mr Butcher.


In the last 12 months digitalisation has rapidly moved from pilot concepts to become an integrated business model for a few digitally focused shipping lines and freight forwarders.


Currently this provides competitive advantage but over time this will become a table stakes function, a qualifier to remain competitive for contestable cargo.


As shipping lines and freight forwarders implement a true digital channel, they need a completely different approach to managing buy rates to instantly deliver quotes to their customers.


The foundation to building a digital sales channel is digital rate management.

About Mizzen

Mizzen Group ( is a digital pricing and rate management solution. The Mizzen team combines cutting edge digital capability married with shipping industry understanding. The Company delivers software for freight sellers, shipping lines and freight forwarders to set and distribute prices dynamically and in new ways to their customers in the digital channel. This enables them to deliver new products with a range of value attributes to better serve their customers’ needs and their own guided by data. The company also, a business-to-business digital rate platform for the container shipping industry. 

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